HP LoadRunner Online Training

HP LoadRunner / Performance Testing Training With 100% Placement Assistance

The only performance testing tool which meets the CRM and ERP standards of applications is the HP LoadRunner which is basically owned by Hewlett Packard but developed by a company named Mercury. The demand for this tool is very high in the market, which is why it conquers over 70% of the market shares of performance testing tools. Thus, among all the performance testing tools that are available in the market, HP LoadRunner fares the best. Although the price of LoadRunner is relatively more than that of any other tool available in the market, the efficiency of performance is basically something that is way better than all other tools.

Ever since the acquisition of LoadRunner by Hewlett Packard, there have been various alterations to the model and this tool is now much better than what it was in the initial stage. But since the complexity has increased, it is very important for the tool to be handled by trained professionals in US. The product is licensed by Vusers (Virtual Users).

Highlights of Our HP LoadRunner training program:

If you are looking for our LoadRunner training program online, then you will come across an array of websites that offer the most comprehensive study materials along with video lessons that are taken by experts from the industry who have lots of experience of tackling the most complicated obstructions in the corporate world. Furthermore, the course has been designed by these experts in such a way that it becomes easy for even a novice candidate to comprehend the concepts of operating LoadRunner. As a part of the course, you will receive a wide range of questions that are being asked in interviews and you will also be given a perspective of having a practical approach towards any performance testing tool. For all those who are oriented towards taking up jobs as performance testing engineers, these courses are quite mandatory. For any system, performance testing is absolutely necessary owing to the fact that the stability of the system has to be checked at all times in order to maintain its efficiency.

Syllabus for HP LoadRunner training online program:

It is very important for the students to understand what performance testing basically means. This part is very important and is followed by a detailed explanation of how the testing phase works. In any HP LoadRunner Online training in US, the students are taught about each and every component of LoadRunner so that they can have an idea about the functionality. Hence, it is very important to enroll for a course in HP LoadRunner operating mechanisms.

Our LoadRunner Training Syllabus Modules:

Module 1: Performance Test Plan
Module 2: LoadRunner-Vugen Scripting
Module 3: Loadrunner Controller-Scenarios-to turn VUGen scripts
Module 4: LoadRunner-Analysis-to report the results
Module 5: Performance Monitors
Module 6: Overview of Site Scope
Module 7: Overview of Diagnostics
Module 8: Overview of Performance Center