10 Benefits of choosing selenium training

You all knew that in recent days there is a vast improvement in the educational field with the help of the internet and technology. The trend is that most of them prefer online certification which makes them choose the kind of course needed. Therefore there are lots of online courses, certification, and training provided by many different institutes and other educational firms and one among them is selenium. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a selenium course and its training.

 What is selenium?

Everyone may have this kind of doubt and what kind of service is provided by selenium and answer to it is given here. Selenium is one of the most well-known and open source automation testing tools of the web application. This software works with different search engines and can simulate human-like behavior. It can interact with a different component in a web page and its functionalities, it can quickly catch up to new as well as reappearing old bugs.

Selenium certification course:

Selenium also provides online courses and selenium certification that help you to learn by creating extremely reliable and stable automation tools. It also helps you with designing advanced and easy to maintain test automation framework in browser factory, page object models and selenium grid from scratch. You can gain a step by step practical approach in an automation testing framework with a real-world example. You will also be able to write a selenium web driver test at the end of the course. 

Different certifications:

By getting the certification you need knowledge of java and javascript programming language is requisite for the certification. The certification in this course is as follows.

  • Concept of test automation for web application
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Advanced WebDriver 
  • Test designed considerations
  • Selenium Grid 
  • User-Extension
  • Integration with selenium


1. Free open sources tools:

Selenium is one of the well-known open-source tools that signifies the usage for absolutely free of cost. You can find that many of the companies use selenium to test websites and even web applications. It is essential for a budding programmer to know about and practice automation testing with the help of selenium WebDriver. The training section will provide you with a different kind of series that will make the people get well-versed in software testing.

2. No need to the specific OS or other hardware:

For practising automation testing you neither require a system with 16 GB RAM or high HDD nor a common OS. The selenium testing can be done using the simple operating system that you use at your home. It is essential to have a testing website on any one of the search engines. So that you can easily get selenium certification training and learn different methods to handle the software testing tool.

3. Offers diverse programming language:

It is essential to know about the tools that are available in the market so that you can become specialized in a specific computer programming language. You must know programming skill such as java, VBScript, and C# scripting language. You can learn about this different language by getting into selenium certification courses that help you to use diverse software tools.

4. Framework ability:

You will get a better opportunity with selenium by its frameworks that have similar templates where you can make minor alterations to code according to your need. By making a few changes you can uniquely make an entire coding structure. The online course will help you with making these kinds of changes you can make in the testing tools. The different frameworks include hybrid testing, keyword-driven testing, module driven testing and other kinds of testing. 

5. Integrating with other tools:

Selenium paves the way to integrate with other different tools that are used in developing open sources so that the programmers can easily achieve automation. With the help of selenium certification online make you easily understand the integration concepts that will make you a better programmer. 

6. Parallel support for distributed testing:

You can find multiple testing cases using selenium that are implemented in parallel on the same machine or even in the remote devices. In the remote machines, the selenium grid can be effectively used to execute test cases. The training period will help you with practical knowledge by performing distribute and parallel testing. This will help you to save your time to run tests, carry on tests in similar machines or even may execute tests on the web servers. 

7. Independent of the GUI based system:

Most of the selenium tests are executed without GUI and it also carries out on the web servers and also as automation can be achieved by proper scheduling the execution. The integration with the other driver’s tools will make you know the concepts and machines performance can be increased.

8. Flexible designed test case:

The test case in selenium is designed either through programming logic or by records as well as playback approach. You can gain adequate technical knowledge to script the WebDriver code using IDE records. You can learn different testing and export programming logic to the similar programming language of your own choice. 

9. Constant updates:

The selenium will provide you with better support in a community based which enables constant updates and upgrades. The updates are frequently and readily available and do not require specific training. Thus by having updates will help you to make a selenium resourceful and cost-effective one for learning. 

10. Ease of implementation:

Selenium is a user-friendly interface that helps in creating and executing tests easily and in an effective way. As it is the open-source platform it has various features that will make learning easier and flexible. You can develop skills to customize actions and even manipulate at an advanced level. 

Closing notes:

Therefore these are some of the benefits of choosing selenium certification. You can get training from experienced trainers and work on the live projects that will enhance the practical knowledge to make job-ready. You can get certifications after the successful completion of the course.