Applicable Job Role And Domains For Java Professionals

If you are an experienced java programmer with a valid java certification course, the job opportunities are wider. Java is one of the programming languages that are easy to learn, and several millions of job opportunities are waiting for you all over the world. Most people misunderstood that the java programming language is just for the app or software development. What is reality? Here is a list of job roles and domains you can look for on completion of the course or becoming an expert.

Top job role for the java professional

  1. Scrum master

The job of a scrum master is to run a scrum meeting daily and solve any blocker that will come on the way. It needs some sort of project management and coordination skills for the process. This is relatively the new career option than some other common ones like the business analyst or the project manager. However, it is highly growing and getting popular that follows the agile methodologies for further development. For the ones who have years of experience in Java, they can have a strong career here.  

  1. DevOps Engineer

This is the other new opportunity for experienced developers. They are either developers who will get interested in deployment and the network operations or the system admins who have more passion for scripting and coding. They can also move to the development side, where they can improve the planning of the test and deployment. So, if you are an experienced Java programmer with passion in the environment and deal with automation and improving overall structure, it is easy to become the DevOps engineer.

  1. Solution Architect

A solution architect is responsible for the design or one or more software or service within an organization, and it is typically the part of the solution development team in the organization. These professionals are expected to have some balanced mix with the business skills and the technical skills that will often work within an enterprise architect for the strategic direction. 

The job of the solution architect is to translate the requirements created by the functional analyst into the architect. This offers a solution that describes it through the architecture and design of the artifacts. When you aim to have the most effective solution, you should have a clear understanding of the fundamentals like algorithm, data structure and system design and design patterns as well.

  1. Project manager

The project manager is solely responsible for the day to day management of the project, and they must be competent in managing the 6 aspects of the projects. This will include scope, finance, risk, scope, schedules and resources. Being a project manager, you have to deal with the plan, budget, and document and oversee further aspects of the specific project that you need to work on. The project managers may work closely with the upper management based on the norms of the company.

Domains to choose as the java professional

  1. Software development

A stat says that the growth rate of software development in 2017 was 21%. This is the fast growth that demonstrates the massive increase in the demand for labor relative to the growth of the other industries. The software development firms were frequently employing the java for a variety of purposes. Java is historically popular for software development, and this holds a handful of opportunities. Besides, having the java certification program will help you to get placed in the job easily.

  1. Gaming

If you are interested in having your career in gaming, java certification will pave way for it. A large number of widely successful modern games also employ Java for some extent in the gaming field. For instance, all the server code for the leading game like Clash of Clans is given in the java programming language. This is a rising industry dealing with a billion-dollar business in recent days. Even when it comes to the coding games for kids, the developers are looking for their java platform. So, choosing Java is a wise option for setting your career in the gaming industry.

  1. Web development

When you think of web development, the Java script is the foremost thing that strikes the minds of the people. It is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world of web development that is granted to a lesser extent. This is also largely because of the scalability inherent to the java language. The scalability is what makes the language the leading one.

  1. App development

There are millions of apps in the Google and Apple plays. Lakhs of such apps are running on the java platform. So, the mobile app development groups also demonstrate the heavy reliance on the Java programming language. Several portions of the common Android operating system are also written with this language. This alone has made the language to be vital and popular in terms of the usage rate of the programming language for the app development these days.  

  1. Science and research

Many scientific applications are now running on the Java platform. This is because the high volume data analytics function will be rendered easily by Java. If you possess knowledge of the science domain and are passionate about app and software development, you can have the best career in the industry. In addition, having the java certification will take you one step higher.

Take up the course now!

Are you the one who says that the job opportunities have reduced due to the technology? If yes, you are wrong. The fact is there is a huge mismatch with the requirements of the employer to the skills of the candidates. When you make yourselves equipped for the job role, you may not be jobless anymore. These are some of the roles and domains you can have as a Java professional. However, you should be skilled and possess all the qualities to make yourselves suitable for the job. Understand this, take up the best Java certification program, and have the best job opportunities.