Database Testing Online Training

IT systems would not and could not have been the same if not for the database systems. Data is the driving force for almost all of the software systems today. We also believe that there is a lot of unearthed aspects of data that are waiting out there to be discovered and which when they do see the light, IT is bound to undergo a major transformation. Therefore, a future in a database career is not only fetching in the current state of IT as is, but has a huge reach and progress in the future.
H2K’s Database Testing course is just what you need to get a jump start a DB testing career and emerge a pioneer for future developments and trends.

Some of the areas that DBs undergo thorough validation are:

  • The application UI to the backend DB field mapping – making sure the CRUD(Create, retrieve, Update and delete) operations are happening smoothly.
  • The DB system’s structure and functions being in accordance with the business requirements of the IT system
  • Testing for data integrity
  • ACID properties – Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability – every database has to satisfy these.
  • The DB system’s performance and security

A few highlights of our course are:

  • A strong, all-inclusive curriculum that focuses on DB basic concepts, DB testing basics to all the advanced topics.
  • SQL- Structured query language is the medium of communication for most DB systems. Our course covers all there is to know about SQL.
  • Live teacher led virtual classroom training that focuses on participant interaction and communication
  • Offline query resolution support via email or chat
  • Study material to make the learning experience complete
  • Resume, job and interview guidance
  • Recorded session to make reviewing easy
  • Hands on assignments for thorough understanding of concepts
  • Practical real time examples

Our Database Testing Online Training syllabus Modules: