Etl Testing Online Training

ETL Testing is a very important aspect of software testing and we specialize in this form of training from novice level to expert level. Our team of highly proficient professionals has several years of hands-on experience with the technologies that have been employed and incorporated in IT industry and hence, are the perfect trainers. We provide demo classes for aspirants and brief them up regarding the teaching schedule, syllabus and prospects of ETL training so that they can proceed in the correct direction.

Topics for our ETL Training Online Course :

The first topic that will be discussed as part of the course is Data Warehousing. This is a very important aspect of software testing phase and students will be enlightened about the need of Data Warehousing. Furthermore, students will be introduced to the concepts of ETL, OLAP and OLTP systems along with a holistic description of the Data Warehouse architecture. Operational Data Store (ODS) also happens to be a very important part of this course and Data Marts are also introduced.

Dimension Modelling holds a very strong relevance in the field of software testing. Few more concepts which are covered under this ETL Testing program are Snowflake Schema, Star Schema, Dimension table, fact table, De-Normalization and Normalization.

Added components of ETL Testing:

First if all, you will be taught about the difference between application testing and DWH ETL Testing. There are challenges that come in the way of DWH ETL testing. First of all, there is a considerable loss of data during the process of ETL testing. Furthermore, no privileges are given in order to generate jobs in ETL by the testers. Adding to this, the total volume of the data as well as its complexity is huge. There can always be faults in the business procedures and building of test data for testing processes.

Types of ETL Testing :

There are basically six types of ETL Testing programs in US. The first is the Data transformation training program which is followed by programs for Data completeness, data quality, performance and scalability, integration testing and user-acceptance testing. There are a few sub-types that are attached to this form of testing such as incremental load testing, initial load testing, full load testing, SQL queries for ETL testing, etc. Few ETL tools that are easily available in the marketplace are Ab Initio, Informatica and IBM Data Stage.

Our ETL Testing Training Online Syllabus Modules:

-Types of ETL Testing.
–Data completeness.
–Data transformation.
–Data quality.
–Performance and scalability.
–Integration testing.
–User-acceptance testing.
–Regression testing.

-Upstream and Downstream processes
-Strategies for Testing Data Warehouse Applications
-Testing Goals
-Data Accuracy dimension of Data Quality
-Data Completeness dimension of Data Quality
-Data Consistency dimension of quality of data
-Data Timeliness
-Data Auditability
-Data Conformance

-ETL Testers responsibility
-Basic ETL verifications
-Challenges of Data warehouse Testing
-SQL Queries for ETL Testing
-Incremental load
-Initial Load / Full load
-Dealing with different kinds of Sources

Informatica 8.6 Power center
-Introduction to power center
–Mapping Manager
–Workflow Manager
–Workflow Monitor
–Running a Mapping
–Transformations in Informatica
–Usage of ETL tool in ETL verifications & Validations

–VI editor
–Diff commands
–Most frequently used UNIX commands

-Writing ETL Testing scenarios & test cases
-Project Based scenarios
-Project Architecture