Different job roles available in the Big Data Field

To maximise their business growth in today’s competitive environment, every organisation requires a well-designed Big Data strategy. The only issue these businesses face is identifying a trained resource capable of putting this plan into effect. Every industry, including retail, pharmaceuticals, utilities, media, oil, and many others, is looking for Big Data certified professionals. 

The popularity of Big Data as a career among technical IT professionals has grown due to this high demand. You can grab many career opportunities by availing yourself of the big data certification training

Data analyst

To process data, a Data Analyst employs all of the big guns that are tools. They mainly deal with different data forms, such as unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. They are familiar with a variety of tools, such as Pig and Hive, and frameworks such as Spark and Hadoop, in the process of analysing the various types of data.

A Data Analyst’s primary purpose is to discover the data’s secret potential to help businesses grow sales and change their strategies. To become a data analyst, you should possess exceptional problem-solving skills and out-of-this-world arithmetic skills because you will be studying past trends, generating patterns, and generating reports. You can make this possible by undergoing big data online classes

Software developer

The programmer is an essential pawn since he or she is responsible for writing all of the code that performs repetitive and conditional data sets. Shell Scripting, Java, and Python are the most common languages that programmers work with. All of the code that programmers write is stored in a database or flat files, so a clear understanding of the file and database systems is needed.

It is critical to have a solid grasp of the various programming languages, mathematical and statistical skills, and an analytical thinking process to produce unique code. To help you with this, many platforms offer big data online course to benefit you. 

Bottom line

These mentioned details are only some of the popular job opportunities available in the field of big data processes. There is still a lot more to explore with the proper set of certification. Now, it is easy for everyone with online platforms.