How will Python certification help you in upgrading your career?

Earning a Python certification not only proves your expertise in the particular programming language but also shows your determination to enhance your skill set. You will definitely be able to climb the ladder of success in your organization because of all the efforts that you have been putting in learning the language and acquiring the skill set.

If you are thinking of switching the job then a Python certification will definitely help you to find a new one and also enable you to upgrade your pay scale. Since there is a lot of competition in the IT sectors for the job it will be really beneficial if you possess a skill set that the interviewer is looking for. The Python certification will be of great value in the near future as it will surely allow you to become the expert programmer

Since most of the important frameworks will need Python it is high time that you take learn Python the hard way to excel in your career and pave way for a higher salary.

Who should be taking the Python certification course

There is no restriction on who should be pursuing a course on Python as anyone who wants to have a career in Python can complete the course for the certification. Here are some of the job roles for whom the certification can help in increasing the salary and expertise in their particular fields:

  • Analytics professional
  • BI Managers and Project Managers
  • Big Data professionals
  • Software Developers and ETL Professionals

Even if you have no prior experience in programming you can still take up the python programming course and build your skillset. If your desired job demands to have a python as one of your main area of expertise then you should definitely go for it and never miss an opportunity to learn the new programming languages. If you are already in the IT sector you can show this certification as proof of your skillset to your employer for a promotion or for getting into a project.

Understanding and Learning Python

Now that you know the various benefits of completing a Python certification you would want to know more about learning and understanding the language. You can learn Python the hard way by working on some real-time projects which will help you in gaining a deeper understanding of the language. Since there are many applications where you can use Python to develop you should start with some domains that you are already familiar with. Even if you are just stepping into the IT world you will not find it difficult to grasp the concept as the language is not complicated and comes with a lot of libraries to help you program with fewer lines of codes. You can also learn Python the hard way free by searching for problem statements online which can be solved using Python. For a better start here are some of the domains where the Python programming can be used to develop solutions or interesting new ideas.

What to do after the certification course

Now that you know the various benefits of taking up the Python certification course and the way to start learning the programming language it is time for you to know what all things you can do after the completion of your course.

Build and deploy a project on your own

The best thing that you can do after you have successfully completed your certification course is to create something on your own and put in on your resume. You probably know how our muscle memory works and creating something on your own will train your brain to solve complex problems with ease. If you have completed some basic course and still feel like a beginner you do not have to worry about that either as you can do some small exercises to build your confidence. You should have a strong grasp on all the important concepts of the programming language such as the data structures(lists, strings, sets, dictionaries), the object-oriented programming concepts and so on.

It is time for you to build something and this journey will be definitely beneficial for you in the long run. Apart from your courses, you can also seek the help of the materials available online for increasing your understanding of complex topics. You can make a lot of projects using python. Some of the simple projects, to begin with, can be:

  • Dice roller simulator
  • Calculator application
  • Games 

You can generate a plethora of project ideas on your own which can help you in creating and deploying a project of your own liking. Since you are now familiar with the concept you are now ready to move on to the next phase.

Start contributing to the open-source

You can also create complex machine learning projects using Python and then contribute to the open-source for others to understand and implement. You can also create your own project ideas or solve a problem statement available online. You can also go through the various projects contributed by other people over the years and get an insight into how things work. Showcasing and contributing to the open-source can really help you to land in your dream job faster.

Implement Pair Programming

If you are planning on getting a Python certification online you can also go ahead and code with your friend to test your skills. Pair programming is one such method that helps the programmers and developers to increase their problem-solving abilities as well as to become better coders by becoming the “navigator” and “driver”. While “navigator” helps in problem-solving and guiding the “driver” to complete the program the “driver” writes the code if you keep switching between the roles you will be able to get a stronghold on your programming skills. Apart from certifications, you can start working on programs on your own to attain your goal of becoming a python developer.

Teach the beginners

If you are confident about the concepts of python programming you might as well teach it to the absolute beginners because teaching helps you to understand the concept better. You will be able to notice that you have made quite a progress and you are now ready to take the next big step

Key takeaways from the Python online course

If you complete the Python online course you will be able to understand:

  • The basic and advanced concepts of this dynamic programming language and the various resources provided by it
  • You will gain expertise in coding in the Python Language, you will also be able to work with the packages such as the
    • Scikit-learn
    • Web scraping libraries
    • Matplotlib
    • Pandas
    • Lambda function
    • NumPy
    • SciPy
  • At the end of the course you will also be able to work on some real-time projects which will be helpful for you to understand and work with any future programming using Python
  • You will also come across the case studies that will get you a hands-on experience through the online Python lab
  • You will also be able to showcase your skills using this certification

So take up the Python online certification course to level-up your career this 2020.