Online QA Testing Certification – Course Overview

In the evolving technology, advanced web applications and software development are the bi-product of efficient innovations.

All these software and applications must be tested to ensure quality standards for the long run. The testing is done with the help of QA testers. A bulk of the credit goes to QA professionals for their seamless job.

Importance of QA testing Certification

The QA testing Certification is imperative under the gamut of Business Excellence practice. It greatly helps in maintaining the quality standards in the industry.  Attaining certification in QA testing provides in-depth knowledge in testing tools and its techniques.

In the IT firm, Software testing is the inevitable part of software development. The QA tester tests and validates the software verifies the application according to the specific requirements. The testing ensures the intended purpose flawlessly. 

By considering this fact seriously, a business in today’s competitive world prefers software testing to assure that the application and software are capable of meeting their business requirements.

The QA team plays an efficient role in software development under the process of assuring product usability and maintaining its quality standards for the long haul. 

Having a QA certification adds extra value to the resume which shows proof of sufficient knowledge in testing. It greatly helps to find a rewarding career in the testing industry with good remuneration.

QA Certification Program

QA testing certification for beginners and professionals help them understand the basic testing concepts and familiar automated software testing concepts in detail. QA certification provides an excellent opportunity for the fresher to kick start their career in the IT industry.

There are no pre-requisite skills required to join the course. Basic computer knowledge with essential software skills is enough to become a QA tester. The course will be conducted by experienced professionals; they start from the basic testing and gradually move to the advanced automated software testing techniques.

At the completion of the course, the learner will get complete knowledge about manual testing and automated testing tools like Selenium, Load Runner, UFT, QC, etc. The language is simple to learn and easy to understand the tools and techniques.

By enrolling for the QA testing certification training, one can prepare themselves to become a skilled QA tester in the industry. They get well trained in manual and automated testing tools.

What does the registered learner will learn at the end of this QA Course?

  1. Learn the concept of manual testing and automated testing
  2. Clearly understand the process of various testing tools, types and methods 
  3. Get complete knowledge about agile methodology and learn SDLC 
  4. Understand the testing of software application and web application using various types of testing
  5. Learn about the efficient testing methods using agile and SDLC
  6. Clearly understand RUP (Rational Unified Process) and its various stages
  7. Understand the process of testing and various types and methods of testing
  8. Learn the process of STLC and its different stages of testing on various applications
  9. Work with JIRA ad Automation testing tools like Selenium, STLC, QC, UTF, etc.
  10. Learn QTP, UFT, and Load Runner in detail to perform a load test on web applications.
  11. Last but not least learn selenium testing tools by installing and working with IDE, Web driver, etc.      

Overall the QA testing certification training course covers the fundamentals of software testing, Load runner, SQL basics, basics of Selenium, and advanced QTP.

In the course curriculum session, the learner should log in to the website and get access to video tutorials to understand the concepts of various testing methodologies.

Online Course Features

The learner gets in-depth knowledge of manual testing and advanced testing tools. The complete training helps with strategic thinking and long term sustainability.

Online one on one sessions assists the learners not only understand the Quality testing in the course but also analyze how QA works in a different project environment. The doubts will be clarified easily.

At the end of the manual testing, the learner understands the CMMI integration, TQM (Total Quality Management), process consulting, and internal quality auditing.

In the automated testing tools, the beginner will learn about the working methods of various tools including Selenium, Load Runner, UFT, JIRA and its various operations. The learner is capable of achieving business goals and objective setting in the effective process of consulting.

How big is a demand for QA Testers right now? 

The technology is updating continuously. The future will be purely dependent on digital technology. Therefore there will be a huge demand for certified QA professionals in the industry.

The landscape of testing will also be shifted from manual testing to automation testing professionals. As the upcoming development and applications are more complex, the testing will be a challenging task. 

Never miss a golden opportunity. Start Now! Join the online course to get a future-ready job.

QA certification – Job Opportunities

The fresher will have this doubt always in their mind; on completion of this QA certification will it help in finding the right job? 

Of Course, after the successful completion of training and certification, the job assistance will be given by the experts that assure job placement. 

The certification is proof for your knowledge, dedication, and interested in testing. The QA testing certification helps in job prospective, salary, and best position in the company. 

It is very important to choose the best QA certification online training for an efficient result. 

All you need to do in online training is to focus on skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques. Try to cover almost all topics and be confident in what you learned. Wherever the doubt occurs, get it clarified with your trainer without delay.

Try to use creative methods to find new strategies which help to get a clear understanding of every topic. For the fresher and beginner, the complete training on Selenium, UTF, and Loadrunner are highly recommended for finding the right job for the future career.

Ensure that the trainer is professional experts and skilled in testing knowledge. Make sure to conduct 1:1 online class. This helps to get a better understanding with the trainer to get clear with the doubts without delay.

Excellent online teaching assures the best testing knowledge with real-time projects helps to get the best QA position in the company with a lucrative salary package.