Python certification for beginners and experts

If you have made up your mind on continuing your journey with a python certification but if you are wondering how to learn Python coding. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that learning any new language needs a lot of practice for it to stick in your mind forever other than that you just need the right resources to proceed. Here are some of the steps which will show you the best way to learn python.

Keep coding

As we all know that practice is very important when you are trying to learn an advanced concept the same applies to Python as well. You will have to keep coding until you understand each and every part of the coding and can code many programs without any errors. Once you commit to coding every day you will notice that it becomes easier for you to keep coding and to solve many problems with ease. The answer to your question How to learn Python Programming is the consistency with which you perform each day. You do not have to start with hours of coding instead you can just start off by coding 20-25 minutes each day.

Take notes to understand

You might think continuous coding is enough to understand the language but you are wrong. You will have to take some notes for a better understanding of the concepts and other details of programming. If you are planning on becoming a full-time developer then you will have to focus on becoming an expert in the programming language. It will not be a difficult journey once you start getting interested in the topic and start coding complex problems on your own. Writing can also help you to plan your code before you start coding on your computer which will make it easier for you to implement the code faster. You can also refer to your notes in the future to understand or refer.

Install the interactive Python shell

Now that you are determined to code all your life you might as well install the interactive python shell to get you started with the python programming. An interactive shell can be your best learning tool to understand and learn Python from scratch, you can experiment with your code as much as you want but do not let your enthusiasm and zeal to learn to go down. Consistency is the key to reaching your goal of becoming a Python developer or an expert programmer. You can refer the internet for resources related to installing the interactive python shell in your computer

Take a break

Programming can become really interesting that slowly you will start losing track of time and you will indulge yourself in programming unaware of the fact that you need to take a break. Taking some time off the concept is one of the important factors when you are trying to learn a concept for the first time. Many of the studies have revealed that taking a break after every 25 mins will enhance your retaining abilities and you will be able to grasp the next concept pretty easily. If you suddenly hit a bug while you are programming you definitely need to step away and take a little stroll so that your mind is ready to focus again. Taking in a lot of new information will be cumbersome for your brain and it will have a hard time processing, understanding and retaining the new concept. Since a minor mistake in any line of code can lead to a bug you will need a fresh mind to start with.

Learning through collaboration

Programming will be fun if you have like-minded people who are ready to help you and share some of their tricks to solve any problem. You will also notice that if you are surrounded by people who have various levels of expertise in programming you can become a better programmer yourself by learning from them. If you hit a bug once and your friends help you solve it will surely reduce the time taken to solve that issue plus you will know what to do if you encounter the bug again. You do not have to worry about finding fellow python programmers who can help you in taking your expertise to the next level as you can meet them in coding events or you can just join any Python community online.

Application development

When compared to other languages Python does not have much of the compatibility and performance issues and you can use this language to implement your project in no time. There are various technologies that will be relying on Python in the future so it is better for you to start exploring the language and to master it for a better future. Here are some of the technologies that might become dependant on Python in the near future:

  • Pyglet for game development
  • Asyncio for networking
  • CherryPy for application development
  • Django for web development

Artificial Intelligence

There are various OOP languages that deal with Artificial Intelligence yet Python remains the preferred language which means if you complete the Python certification course you will definitely be able to work with the latest technologies. Python uses the least number of codes compared to other programming languages which makes it the best choice for implementing certain Artificial intelligence programming. It also comes with a prebuilt library which makes the Artificial intelligence working seem like nothing, here are some of the prebuilt libraries that you should know about

  • Scipy for advanced computing
  • Numpy for scientific computation
  • Pybrain for Machine Learning

This is the main reason why Python is one of the best languages for implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Build and deploy a project on your own

The best thing that you can do after you have successfully completed your certification course is to create something on your own and put it on your resume. You probably know how our muscle memory works and creating something on your own will train your brain to solve complex problems with ease. If you have completed some basic course and still feel like a beginner you do not have to worry about that either as you can do some small exercises to build your confidence. You should have a strong grasp on all the important concepts of the programming language such as the data structures(lists, strings, sets, dictionaries), the object-oriented programming concepts and so on

It is time for you to build something and this journey will be definitely beneficial for you in the long run. Apart from your courses, you can also seek the help of the materials available online for increasing your understanding of complex topics. You can make a lot of projects using python. Some of the simple projects, to begin with, can be:

  • Dice roller simulator
  • Calculator application
  • Games 

You can generate a plethora of project ideas on your own which can help you in creating and deploying a project of your own liking. Since you are now familiar with the concept you are now ready to move on to the next phase.