QA training – Trending Online course for your career growth

For every organization, it is essential to maintain the quality standard for efficient output. QA testing plays a significant role in maintaining quality standards. It mainly concentrates on the quality of the product delivered to the customer.

The certification in QA training and placement shows a better career path in the IT industry. The certification boosts the resume value and shows an enormous offer from top MNC’s. The certification has global value hence the learner finds his career abroad. 

Quality Assurance in Software testing

Quality Assurance in Software Testing is known as QA testing. It is defined as an activity that ensures the quality of the software products delivered in good condition with high standards.

Quality assurance focuses on improving the development process without any delay in processing and shows the effective result in the output standards.

Software Quality Assurance is all about the SDLC that includes design, coding, testing and management whereas the Quality Assurance is the set of activities that defines the quality and standards required for the projects.

The certification in QA training assists the learner get well trained in QA processing tools and techniques. Placement assistance shows better career opportunities in the IT industry. QA is a set of activities that evaluates the process by various testing tools.

QA Ensures Quality Output

QA testing is done with the help of the software tool in a systematic way to ensure the quality standards meet the client’s requirements. The ultimate aim of QA testing is to establish a prompt method to provide efficient output standards.QA is mainly focusing on quality standards, project audits, and testing techniques.

To achieve the best quality standard output in the working environment, it is important to search for the online QA training near me and start learning QA from basics to advanced level sluggishly.

QA testing – Online Course Curriculum

Before registering, with the online QA training near me, it is important to know about the course overview and course curriculum.

Course Overview

QA testing course is suitable for any graduates who are willing to switch their career to the IT industry. The IT industry pays huge remuneration that will not be offered by any other industry.

The course is best suitable for the fresher to kick start their career in IT. The course doesn’t need any prerequisites for registration. The basic computer knowledge with essential software skills is enough to start the course.

For online training, the learner must have a laptop/desktop with an uninterrupted internet connection to take an online course. The experts from software testing will handle the online training sessions.

One on One online session

The class is conducted in a 1:1 session, where the learner and trainer can fix the convenient time to choose their time slot and fix the class accordingly. The QA training sessions will be held in English language and the trainer will start from the basics of testing.

Gradually he moves on to the automated testing tools that include Selenium, SDLC, Load Runner, etc. The learner can ask the doubt wherever he finds difficulty. 

The offline video tutorials are available for the benefit of the students to recall the old sessions.

At the end of each session, practical sessions will be provided for working on tools explained in the theoretical part. The learner can make utilize of this training session to get thorough knowledge in testing.

In the online training, manual testing and automated software testing will be taught for the benefit of the learner.

5 Functions of Quality Assurance 

  1. Technology transfer: This function involves receiving a document with trial and error data for evaluation. Here the documents received are distributed among the team, its checked, and approved.
  2. Validation: Validation is important in the testing process. Here the approval of testing criteria is set for the process. The validation is done based on the resource plan.
  3. Documentation: The documentation controls the distribution of documents to various teams. The proper change control procedure helps to direct the documentation for approval.
  4. Assuring Quality of products: With the help of software testing tools like Selenium, Load Runner, GPT, the testing is done with the assurance and sent to the management for approval.
  5. Quality improvement plans: Quality Assurance will check whether the product developed is fit to use. It matches with the company standards and client requirements and approves the quality plan accordingly.

Duties and Responsibilities of QA Tester:

  • QA tester executes the test based on an automated software testing tool.
  • QA tester takes the responsibility of assured output without bugs in the program.
  • QA tester reviews the software output and makes ready test scenarios.
  • QA tester analyzes the testing result based on client requirements and matches with the output to meet quality standards.
  • QA testers prepare the report based on the database, validation, and usage and generate the report to the organization.
  • QA tester assures the quality standard in the final output delivered to the clients.
  • QA tester has complete responsibility in timely solutions and documentation.
  • He must ensure that UI is economic and affordable. It is easy to use and efficient in output.

Advantages of QA training near me

Flexible: QA training and placement is flexible to learn online. E-learning courses support the learner to choose their convenient time for learning. It helps to balance the current job with an online course conveniently. It helps avoid rigid daily schedules. The weekend batches are also available for the convenience of the learner.

Less Cost: The cost of the online course is comparatively less than off-line course. Online courses cut out the cost of travelling expenses, booking the cab, fueling the vehicle, buying the materials, notebooks, and stationary. The online course materials are available in PDF form, so printing of the material is not necessary.

Online and offline video classes: The registered candidate gets the login details to learn online. After the online session, offline video tutorials are available to recall the techniques learned online. The pause/play options help to repeat and rewind the sessions. The students easily get clarity on the specified tools.

Rapid course: Online learning allows the learner to complete the course according to their schedule. If they wish to complete early, they can learn the course in their own-style at their own speed. 

Huge demand: As the demand for QA testers is increasing continuously, hence the QA training near me helps to learn testing tools with real-time training. The certification adds value to the resume and helps hired in top MNC with a high salary package.