Scope and growth of selenium software testing

Selenium is popular and an open-source software testing tool which is mainly for testing the software and most of the web applications across different platforms as well as browsers. It is a free testing tool preferred because of its automation options which make it easy to test the sites and writing test cases. This selenium is best suited for software tester interaction tasks when they test the functionality of software and websites. Software testing is one of the growing careers in this world and selenium software testing certification is one of the most searching skills in the software industry. After you learn selenium software testing you can easily run selenium on your local pc or a server.  

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source software tool that is mainly used for automating the tests carried out on several platforms or web browsers. You can either test any software application or test any mobile application using this selenium. Beginners also easily write a single set of reliable, efficient, maintainable, and scalable software tests that can be run on a different type of platforms.

Why will selenium grow steadily over many years?

Most of the organizations are adopting the test-based software development approach by making the coding compatible with these selenium modules. The QA professionals also use the selenium test automation tools and frameworks for the test management. For beginners who were interested to start their career in the software and IT industry, they can join in

selenium software tester certifications and training. Selenium is the widely used web application which is the robust and compact software testing framework. In internet application testing, this selenium plays an important role. Nowadays most of the reports are highlighting the selenium skills which are most widely required test software automation technologies.

Free and open source

Selenium is the open-source testing tool, this tool is free of cost to the users who want to test the software. Thus, this will help the enterprises to minimize the installation of testing costs. These web application testing frameworks contain several tools, which are mostly used for optimizing the test management. Anyone with the knowledge of software testing can access this tool. It can be accessed by both small and large enterprises with the help of software testing professionals.

Best for web application testing

The selenium and its tools come with a set of advanced options that allow users to debug, edit and record the tests without making any extra efforts. This type of selenium tool with recording option includes the tools required to test the software and web application easily. You can optimize the test management by editing the test script manually with selenium recording option. The software testing professionals can quickly and easily edit the test scripts by using the selenium auto-completion tool.

Support for all the Web browsers

Every web application must run with several types of operating systems and web browsers. Most of the software testing professionals look for a set of testing tools that helps them to easily evaluate the performance of the application on many of the widely used web browsers. At present, the selenium software testing framework supports multiple web browsers and operating systems. For learning this selenium software testing you can join in the software testing certification course online.

Compatible for many programming languages

The Selenium software testing tool is easily compatible with several types of programming languages. Therefore, Selenium software testers have many options to write the test scripts in a variety of programming languages. The programming language supported for selenium testing such as java, python, C#, Perl, Ruby and PHP. So, the software testing professionals can choose the client application according to their choice of programming language.

Comprehensive Documentation 

While migrating to a new software and web application testing framework, each software testing professionals require additional training. But the tools provided by Selenium testing are well documented one. So that the software tester can refer to complete documentation and use a guide to understand how the tools function. At the same time, the software tester also has the option to get the assistance of the official user group. Several software companies provide commercial Selenium support according to the needs of their clients.

Why do you choose selenium software testing as your career? 

As a selenium software tester, you can help in releasing a quality of software product to the market. You are able to find bugs that are hidden in the software. Many software developers give their best to release a good product, but there will be some mistakes and you can also  help them. You can also write code to find the bugs in the system.

Nowadays there is much demand for software testers. Moreover, with the businesses vastly resorting to selenium software testing, the demand for Selenium testers is huge. The average salary of a selenium tester is also high compared to other software professionals. Hence the life of a software tester is filled with enthusiasm and buzz. However, they always opt to move to more exciting careers such as software testing, web and mobile application testing.

Due to the continuous progress of software testing, software testers have many opportunities in the testing world. The selenium software testing is becoming a more engaging, challenging, and in-demand field, so the future holds it a lot.

Career scope of selenium 

Some of the popular selenium jobs that software testing companies as follows,

  • Selenium software tester 
  • Test analyst
  • Senior Quality Engineer
  • Test lead manager
  • Senior quality analyst
  • Software Development test Engineer
  • Business analyst

Bottom line

The market for selenium software testers is said to be wide open, they are able to join the best software and IT company to progress as a software tester. Trends of testing software are found to be changing rapidly with the selenium seeing exponential growth in a short period of time. Selenium makes it more convenient to the tester for functional testing at the start of the development itself. Anyone can learn selenium along with programming language and enhance their career as a software testing professional.